Greetings, all!

Here comes the weekend of our music party. We will meet at Sudbury United Methodist church. Dress is informal. Guests are most welcome - family, friends and cheerleaders, I like to say.

I will have snacks for our post concert party. If you would like to bring any refreshments, please be sure to bring items that will minimize clean up - popcorn, brownies and chips are tough to vacuum and to remove from the carpet, so please do not bring them.

The church has experienced an increase in use of the entire SUMC building all days of the week, so it is important to keep ourselves in the sanctuary area. I know of at least one other group that will be nearby during our music time. Please help us keep all participants in the sanctuary area and the foyer where the food will be. There is a bathroom now in the rear of the sanctuary, so there is now no need at all go into the rest of the building.

Don't forget to bring your music! I do not have copies of everyone's scores, so it will be up to you to bring the printed music you need.

Sometimes performers and/or parents express a need to go early or late in our program; I will accomodate as best I can, and please remind me if I have missed a time that you need to come or go. I urge everyone to stay for the entire concert. In addition to the basic courtesy of listening to others' performances if they have heard yours, there is always something to learn from each performance. You wouldn't want to miss anything!

Do not hesitate to call if a problem or question arises: 978 793 0533. See you at church! Play pretty!

A joke told on 57th street in Manhattan:
"How do I get to Carnegie Hall?"
"Practice, practice, practice!"